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Al1ís Nine Grand Quest












Hello and welcome to my website. I am Al1 and this is a quest that Iíve set for you all! Iíve buried Nine Grand somewhere in the UK (the United Kingdom). Yes, £9000 is really free to find somewhere in the UK. See the photos to the side of this box and youíll see that I really have buried the money. I want YOU, to find it! Itís that simple!


OK, not that simple because itís actually rather difficult. Youíll have to solve a series of clues that Iíve devised. If you think you can handle the challenge (and it is very challenging) then make your way to the first puzzle below. Good luck (youíll need it)!





The Puzzle


If itís too hard then pardon me. But still please sign the guest book, (but please no swearing).

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